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Our Fully-Managed Services

Business WIFI & Access Points

Is your business struggling with network chaos? Say goodbye to WIFI headaches and embrace smooth operations with our wireless network solution.
From access points setup to monitoring and troubleshooting, we ensure seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and maximum uptime.

Broadband & Managed Networks

Our managed network solution empowers you to effortlessly collaborate with clients and colleagues, allowing you to make critical decisions in real-time.
No more wasted hours waiting for pages to load or dealing with laggy connection.

Network Security

Shield your business from cyber threats. With advanced firewalls, robust intrusion detection systems, and proactive monitoring, we help you achieve peace of mind.

Seamless Business Communication

Customers value professional communication. Stay ahead of your competitors and win over prospects by offering world-class communication. With Belldial, it’s simple.

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Questions? Check out these answers!

Access points are brilliant devices in that they boost LAN capability and extend the current wireless coverage. With an access point linked, you can increase the number of users connected to the internet across your network.

Business fibre broadband is an advanced internet connection that utilises fibre optic cables to transmit data at incredibly high speeds. It offers businesses faster and more reliable internet access compared to traditional broadband technologies like DSL or cable.

Fibre broadband availability varies depending on your location. However, with the increasing demand and ongoing infrastructure development, fibre networks are being expanded to cover more areas. Contact our team to check if fibre broadband is available in your specific location and to discuss the options for your business.

A business WiFi network is a wireless network infrastructure designed specifically for business environments. It allows employees, clients, and guests to connect their devices wirelessly to the internet within the office premises.

A business WiFi network offers several advantages. It provides convenient and flexible internet access for employees, promotes mobility within the workplace, facilitates seamless collaboration, enhances productivity, and enables guest access for clients or visitors.

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