Why VoIP is the best choice for businesses

Do you want to know Why VoIP is the best choice for businesses? VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. Phones based on this technology allow you to make calls over an Internet protocol as opposed to through cables (landlines) or sim cards (mobile phones).

The implication is that once you have a phone or computer connected to the Internet, you can start using it to make and receive calls. With this, you don’t have to stick with your telecommunication service provider that might not be available in another country, thereby charging you more when you roam your calls in other countries.

A lot of business owners are still at a loss as to if they should switch to VoIP or not. There are also some individuals that might have decided never to use VoIP anymore because they tried it some 10 years ago and they were not pleased with the result. However, 10 years is a very long time and a lot have changed. This article will discuss how VoIP works and why it is by far the best for small service-based businesses.

These are the reasons Why VoIP is the best choice for small businesses:

1 – How VoIP Works:

We will try to explain how VoIP works in a very simple manner. First is that VoIP can also be termed Internet calls. This implies that your device will be connected to the Internet and then you can make a call. Usually, mobile phones and landlines use analog signals in communicating with each other.

However, when we are browsing the Internet, information is sent across as packets of data. Thus, with VoIP, your voice is converted into packets of data that is sent to the other phone. We will now proceed to discuss the reasons why VoIP is the best choice for small service-based businesses.

2 – Reasons why VoIP is the Best Choice for Small Service-Based Businesses:

There are many benefits you can get from using VoIP compared to using landlines or mobile phones. They are discussed subsequently.

a. Cost-effective:

As a small service-based business, you will be very concerned about cost. You just started a business not too long and you are not making a lot of money. Perhaps, your business is still running on a deficit, implying that you are still using your own money or even taking a loan to support the business while waiting for it to be self-sufficient and profitable.

Anything to cut cost will, of course, be a welcome development. With VoIP, you can save from 40 to 80 percent of the cost of using landlines.

b. Quality:

Quality of calls used to be a major reason why a lot of people were skeptical about VoIP phones or stopped using them. In the days when 3G was not available yet and Internet users were limited to edge and data speed of 20kb/s or less, using VoIP could be frustrating.

Calls might not be connecting and even when they do, you might not hear clearly because of poor data network. However, with the improvements in Internet connectivity and the fact that you can now stream video in real-time without buffering or lagging, you can be sure VoIP calls are now very clear and reliable.

c. Landline Effect:

Landline numbers are not only country-specific by State specific. This is comparable to mobile phone numbers that are country specific. If you want to place a call to another country, you add the country code before the number. For landline, even within the same country, you have to add a state code.

This implies calling a landline phone in another country will imply the country code and the state code before the actual number. Some customers consider the location of businesses they patronize. For instance, they want to be sure your office is within the state so that if the need arises, they could easily visit your office.

If you provide a service in that city and you don’t have an office there, you might lose such customers. With a VoIP phone, however, you could be in Newcastle and have a London landline number.

d. Location

In relation to the landline effect discussed above, you can answer your VoIP phone from anywhere as opposed to your landline that must be answered from the office where it is placed.

This means you could be in a different state or country and still answer your VoIP phone with the same number that could be a landline number for a city in the UK.

e. Devices:

You are not limited to using only a VoIP phone to pick your calls. You can use your smartphone and your laptop or desktop computer to receive your VoIP phones as well.

You are in a different room working on your laptop and your VoIP phone rings, you can just pick it directly from your laptop instead of leaving to go pick up the phone. This is also considering the fact that you can set a VoIP number to ring across several devices.

f. Faxes and Voice Mail Delivery:

Apart from phone calls and e-mails, another popular means customers utilize for relating to companies is through faxing. In other cases, customers can leave voice mail messages when the line is not picked up.

With VoIP, instead of getting to your landline to read faxes and voice mail messages, you could request that the emails and faxes on your VoIP phones be automatically forwarded to your normal e-mail. This makes accessing faxes and voice mails easier. You can now access your faxes and voice mails at home or anywhere you have access to your regular e-mail.


A small service-based business has a lot to benefit from VoIP phone. Starting with the fact that they can save cost while getting better quality voice calls and other services, they could also target another city even before they are physically present there.

This is coupled with the fact they could pick their landline equivalent call from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. All of these are expected to boost the productivity of the business and contribute to its potential for growth.

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