What Is VoIP?

Do you wants to know what is VoIP? VoIP is the upgraded phone system that your business needs to be more efficient. Whether you’re launching your new business or needing a better solution, VoIP can give you the communications that you need with extra benefits to help optimize your business.

What’s the difference between the legacy phone systems and VoIP?

Your business is only as strong as the phone system you are using, which means it’s essential that you get a reliable phone system to support your business. VoIP is the communications system that your business needs. By reading on, you can learn the basics of VoIP and how it’s different from the traditional business phone systems.

What Is VoIP?


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), also referred to as internet calling or internet telephony, is a phone system where the audio signals are converted into digital data. This service means that the VoIP phone system requires an internet connection to work. You will need a VoIP capable phone, but you also can use other devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, or laptops as long as you have the right software. You can also get a VoIP adapter that allows you to turn your analog phone into a VoIP phone.


How Does VoIP Work?

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As previously mentioned, VoIP requires the internet to work. VoIP works by using packet switching, which transmits the data versus the typical circuit switching method that is used by traditional phone systems. Packet switching uses bandwidth for phone calls as needed, which is a far more efficient approach to communications.

No matter the type of data being transmitted through these packet switches, it works essentially the same way. The data that goes into Point A to Point B gets divided into different packets.

These packets will then pass through nodes (routers) to the second point. Every packet will take their route while the nodes try to find the most efficient path. If a node has too much traffic, another node gets the data.[1]

Difference Between VoIP and Traditional Business Phone Systems?

What Is VoIP?

There are some distinct differences to look at here. The most significant difference is how the data is transmitted. Because one is a wired approach (traditional phone systems) and the other (VoIP) is through wireless networks, VoIP is a more efficient way to receive phone calls.

Another significant difference is the type of phone you use. You already know what the traditional phone looks like, with a ringer, hook, and a dialing system. The VoIP phone can take on a variety of looks. With softphone features, you can use a headset with your computer or tablet. You can use your cell phone, or, you can use the traditional style phone with VoIP capabilities.


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