Virtual desktop to grow & protect your business.

- Secure remote working
- Unmatched performance powered by Microsoft
- Seamlessly onboard employees

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    Technology and the way people work are evolving fast. This is why integrating remote working technology into your business is more important now than it ever was before.

    Let Belldial handle the technology for you. We offer a fully managed virtual desktop solution, so your employees can work comfortably, securely, and remotely.

    Just connect to your cloud desktop -- and you’re ready to work.

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    Ideal for companies with 25+ users.

    What’s included

    • Microsoft Virtual Desktops

    • Work from Home, in the Office or Anywhere

    • Essential Software such as Microsoft 365

    • Secure File Sharing

    • Data Backup & Security

    • Fully Managed System
      (we handle everything for you)

    What does this mean for your business?

    Chances are, competitors already offer the option to work remotely. In fact, most employees prefer working from the comfort of their homes (or place of their choice) instead of a sprawling office.

    The chance of losing your best employees increases every day you don’t offer the option to work remotely.

    When you make your employees happy, they’ll make you happy.

    On top of being favorable by employees, Belldial offers a solution that is fully managed, secure, and practical.

    The days of fighting with technology are over. With Belldial, you and your employees can easily connect anytime, anywhere, and get work done.

    You don’t even have to worry about security. We provide full backups, anti-virus and anti-malware integration out of the box.

    Let us worry about the technology, so you can focus on your business.

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