Tips to Perfect Phone Greeting Message

It is very important that your business have a greeting message for both when your customer care are receiving the calls as well as when they can’t get to the phone and a voicemail has to be left. Customers will want to reach you even when it is not the business hours and that is why it is very important to have a perfect greeting message.

Every lead is a potential buyer and it is very important to make sure this new lead feels welcomed and that he or she is at the right place. And if it is a regular customer calling it is also vital to make sure she feels great services just from the greeting message.

Having a great greeting message will entice new customers who are calling and they will end up buying goods from your company. A perfect greeting message boosts your credibility, makes you seem more competent and of course, makes whoever listening want to continue with the relationship for years.

And if you don’t have a relatively good greeting message it will do exactly the opposite of what a perfect greeting message will. It will encourage recruiters and make potential customers run to other business. As you can see, having a great phone greeting message is vital, but how do you choose the perfect one?

Here is how you can choose the Perfect Phone Greeting Message:

1 – Be different:

Even if you are a business owner, you must once in a while contact customer care of other businesses and you know the obvious “you have reached ABC customer care please leave a message as all agents are not available right now…” Meaning no offense, that phrase is now old and boring, no one even listens to it no more.

You are better than just being normal, spice up things a little bit more by making things more interesting. Add somethings like sales promotions that are available or a random fun fact about your business, anything that will make your listener feel welcomed. Another thing, make sure your voicemail is not too long, you might end up boring your leads with too much information.

Make it short and sweet as well as something that can be remembered by your callers. If you do that, it will show that you pay attention to details and if you have a keen attention to details it shows that you are good at what you do.

2 – Announce yourself:

Identifying yourself and also identifying your business on your greeting message confirms that the person calling has reached out to the right firm.

This will reduce the number of hang-ups, trivial messages, and wasted calls that many small businesses receive.

3 – Set the right expectation:

In most case, the greeting message is for the people who are calling and finding you unavailable right? Let your callers know when you can get back to them. Don’t say 3 hours if you can’t be able to reach back at that time. Set the right time when you are sure you can be able to reach back.

If you usually return your calls between 2 and 3 pm, tell them that. Whatever your exact time is, just make sure you mention it on your voicemail. Mentioning the exact time you can get back makes the caller feel that he or she is not wasting time.

When you actually get back to the customer on time, you will build a foundation of trust because the customers will know that you do call back when you say you will.

4 – Smile while recording the greeting message:

It might sound funny or ridiculous to some but trust me, it works. Don’t record the message when you are bored because the customers will know.

When you record the message when you are genuinely happy, the listeners can literally feel your cheerfulness. So as odd as it might sound make sure that you smile when recording your message. By the way, am serious, try it out and thank me later.

3 – Don’t sound like a robot:

Make sure that you say no to monotone. I mean you will find a lot of recordings of people sounding like robots, they don’t even pause when making the recording.

Modulate your pitch and speech when you are making the recording. This has worked for other people and it will definitely work out well for you.

4 – Speak slowly:

Why would you want to speak quickly anyway? Take your time, don’t rush as you record the greeting. Try to speak a little bit slower than you normally speak and in a very clear way so that each and every caller of yours can understand what you are trying to say.

Don’t speak too slowly though, those who don’t have the time, might just hung up instead of waiting you to wind up talking.

5 – Keep the message succinct:

Don’t provide too much information on your voicemail. It will probably be helpful to some but most people might just consider it as a waste of time so it might end up doing more harm than good. Just make it about 20 or 25 seconds.

6 – Make sure when you are recording there is little noise:

As you are recording your phone greeting message, make sure that there is as little noise as possible. If you record and you can still hear the background noises, try another place where the background noise is not audible. The noise from the surroundings might end up making your recording sound unprofessional.

7 – Write it down:

Don’t just wake up and start recording your greeting message. Use the above tips, write, rehearse, and edit until you find the best copy. After saying it loud a few times and you feel like it is a good solid message, record it on your voicemail and listen to how professional it sounds.

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