How to set up WhatsApp Business

To use WhatsApp business,  please follow the steps below;


  1. Download the WhatsApp business app from apple or google playstore
  2. Setup WhatsApp business with your business number provided by Belldial instead of your mobile number.
  3. Once you have entered your business number, you will receive a call on your Belldial business number
  4. Answer the call and your verification code will be read to you on the call
  5. Write down the code and enter it into the verification page on the WhatsApp business to continue the verification process.
  6. If you did not hear the code clearly before the call ended, you can always login into the portal and listen to the call recording.

We strongly advise you are logged into the web phone before you start the whole process so you can receive the call via the web phone and if you didn’t hear the code properly, you can immediately listen to the call again.

Note: You will NOT recieve any SMS code. Instead you will hear the code when you recieve the call from WhatApps



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