How to manually setup Yealink IP phones

Press the ‘OK’ button on the phone to view the IP address of the phone.

Type the IP address into your preferred internet web browser (e.g Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer  etc)

You will be displayed with a login page. Enter the log in details as follows;

Default username – admin

Default password – admin

Once logged in, at the top menu click on “Account” -> click on ‘Register’ at the left hand corner of the page -> Fill in the fields below only with the SIP credentials you are provided with.

Account Select the account
Line Active Enabled
Label 1000
Display Name 1000
Register Name 1000
Username 1000
Password password provided
Server Host (Under SIP Server 1) ***.voip.belldial.co.uk

Select ‘Confirm’ at the bottom of the page to save these settings



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