How to manually configure Grandstream IP phones

  1. Connect the phone to a power source and to your internet router and give it a few minutes to power on.
  2. On the phone, press the “OK/Menu” button (Round button) -> Select “Status” by pressing the ok button -> Network Status -> Ethernet-> IPv4 (starts with 192.)
  3. On your computer/laptop, type in the IPV4 (e.g – – ignore the last two digits) from step 2 into a web browser -> you will be displayed with a login page
  4. Type in “admin” as the user and “the password” is on the sticker at the back of the phone
  5. Click on “Accounts” on the left-hand side of the page
  6. Type in the details you are provided with and click “Save and Apply” at the bottom of the page.  See example below
  7. Click on “Status” on the left-hand side of the page and click on “Account Status” The first line will be populated and the icon will be green.
  8. Your desk phone has now been configured successfully and ready to use.

Account Active – tick the box

Account Name– 1003

SIP Server– test.voip.belldial.co.uk

SIP User ID – 1003

SIP Authentication ID– 1003

SIP Authentication Password– password provided

Name– 1003

Voicemail Access Number– *95

Account Display– User ID

Click on “Save andApply” at the bottom of the page

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