Is VoIP Better for Business?

Is VoIP better for business?

For most businesses, the short answer is yes.

And I will explain why.

The Big Switch Off of Traditional Phone Lines in 2025

Traditional phone lines in the UK are being phased out and will be replaced by VoIP. The deadline for the switch-off is December 2025.

If you are still using a traditional phone line, you should consider replacing your phone system before December 2025 to avoid any disruption.


Remote Working

One key reason why VoIP is better for business is the ability to work remotely. With VoIP, your teams can make and answer business calls from any location. All you need is a good internet connection and a VoIP system to make and receive business calls.

The rise of remote and hybrid working means most businesses need the ability to answer calls when away from the office.


Call Recording

Another reason why VoIP is better for businesses is the ability to record calls. Unlike traditional phone lines, VoIP phone systems allow seamless records of calls.

Most businesses need to record calls for training and quality assurance purposes.


Marketing & Customer Services

Effective marketing requires access to data and you get full access to your call logs with a VoIP system.

With a VoIP phone, you can play professional greeting messages to callers which elevates your brand.

Alternatively, you can play short promotional messages reminding customers of special offers. This can be a great way to increase your average order value.

Other common VoIP features which make it better for business include:

  1. Call-forwarding:  Allows you to divert calls to another number when you are busy or unavailable
  2. Voicemail to email: Voicemails are automatically sent to your email
  3. On-hold music: You can seamlessly put a caller on hold
  4. Conference calling: You can have group meetings with employees and customers
  5. Virtual Switchboard: Calls can be routed to the correct department based on the caller’s keypad selection



Most businesses have a lot to benefit from VoIP phones.



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