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    Are You Aware of Your Responsibility for Microsoft 365 Data Security?

    You are accountable for safeguarding your data against human errors, misconfigurations, hackers, and viruses.
    Your responsibility includes backing up your users and data, as Microsoft's assistance during crises may be limited if you are not proactive in this regard.

    Why You Should Backup Your Microsoft 365

    Accidental deletion

    Unintentional data deletions, alterations, or overwrites can have severe consequences. Employing a backup solution enables swift data recovery, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

    Internal security threats

    The potential for internal threats, such as dissatisfied employees deleting critical data, is a tangible concern that cannot be disregarded.
    Implementing a backup solution offers protection in such scenarios.

    External security threat

    Malware and ransomware pose substantial threats to both your organisation's data and its reputation.
    Consistent backups guarantee the availability of uncontaminated data for recovery purposes

    Belldial Can Make These Worries Disappear.

    Seamless backup and recovery

    You'll enjoy the backup flexibility  to  recover Microsoft 365 data under any data loss circumstance.

    Recover individual files, folders or entire M365 account

    We let you select and recover individual files, folders or emails.

    Mutiple back up per day

    We backup your data multiple times in a day so you never have to restore from an archive that is more than 4 hours.

    Guard Against Costly Data Loss.

    As a trusted data security partner, we can help you protect your entire Microsoft 365 data.

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    Freequently asked questions

    Yes, if we have backed up the data before the user left, then you can restore it.

    Yes, our backup protection includes your entire account, Microsoft Teams, outlook, sharepoint etc.

    The backup data can be held for as long as you want. Indefinitely, one year or less.

    Yes, you can choose to restore any data yourself

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